Balloon Birthday Bash

birthday balloon 2

Who doesn’t like balloons? Exactly! My birthday was the perfect opportunity to have an excuse to dress up girly and run around with huuuge balloons.

In my mind I already had everything perfectly laid out – also thanks to Pinterest, where you find lots of those balloon shoots. However, reality jumped in and brought me back to the ground. It always looks so easy on photos, but the wind made this whole project quite a challenge. The numbers either kept turning by 180° or bundled up, so that it looked like I turned 52! Nice ;)

For my birthday outfit I choose my new dress from Sandro (I bought it in Paris a few weeks ago), which is currently also my favourite one. I really like the mix of bodycon and flared skirt …and not to forget the open-stitch details.

Happy birthday to everyone who shares the same date with me!

Dress: Sandro (here)
Shoes: Kennel & Schmenger (similar here)
Bag: Chanel
Bracelet: Tiffany & Co (here)

Photos by Emjo Kats

birthday balloon 4

birthday balloon 1

birthday balloon 8

birthday balloon 7

birthday balloon 11

birthday balloon 3

birthday balloon 9

birthday balloon 10

birthday balloon 6

birthday balloon 5



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