A Paradise called Maldives


Time flies! 6 weeks ago(OMG already?) I was on the Maldives… or should I say, paradise?

Already while approaching Malé airport I could admire the view over the small green islands within the dazzling turquoise ocean. The subsequent flight to our resort with a small seaplane was the most amazing flight I have ever experienced. I was quite surprised that the pilot who greeted us was barefoot, but it honestly just added to the totally relaxed atmosphere. During this flight we had the most breathtaking views over this paradise on earth… it was so beautiful, the photos don’t even do it justice.

The moment I stepped on the island resort Kuredu, I was immediately in holiday mood and in such a state of relaxation that I instantly forgot what time and day it was. We were greeted by hotel employees in traditional costumes of the region, playing drums and handing us cocktails and refreshing cold towels. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect start to a perfect holiday? It was!

Everything was just great and better than I could have imagined. Our villa, located right on the beach with direct ocean view was a dream, just like all other amenities on this island. One of the many restaurants was also right on the beachfront and another one was built on stilts over the water. And don’t get me started with the food!!! It was so fresh and so delicious (and plentiful) that I was honestly afraid to step on the scale after the two weeks of pure indulgence!

I will be repeating the word “great” quite a few times in this post, but there is really no way around it J The marine life was … yes: great! Observing big green sea turtles one meter away from you while snorkeling was so surreal and beautiful, that I could float there for hours. These creatures have such a graceful slowness and actually just seem to follow the routine of “eat sea grass, swim to the water surface, breathe and repeat” – so basically the epitome of cuteness. Of course this doesn’t sound like an action-packed spectacle, but it didn’t need to be as it was so much more. Something so serene that was much more special than any loud or crazy adventure. I know this sounds really strange, but it had such a calming effect on me that I will never forget this encounter.

During a speed boat tour we saw huge manta rays and large schools of dolphins, which were sadly so shy that they swam away from us. My favourite evening activity was watching nurse sharks, smaller reef sharks, sting rays and many cute little fish (actually just like in Finding Nemo) from the pier.

Thanks to the resort’s 24/7 barefoot-concept, I spent the full two weeks running around without shoes or even flip-flops; making the whole stay even more restful.

Kuredu – it truly was an unforgettable and amazing experience! See you next year!

Bikini: H&M (Top here, Bottom here)

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (here)

Photos by Emjo Kats















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