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My personal bikini review:


One of my best friends and I dreamed about summer during one of our girl’s nights, when we happened to find the perfect TRIANGL lookalike online. I’ve read so many good things about the quality of BRAKINIS that we both ordered our favourites. The reason we opted for BRAKINIS instead of TRIANGL was purely cost based: adding shipping the price difference per bikini was a good 25 Euros – if you get the same value, why not pay less?!

What should I say? I was super happy with my BRAKINIS bikini when it finally arrived! In fact, I was so happy with it that I couldn’t help but stray around on the TRIANGL website only to discover that they were currently offering free shipping and also had new colour variants available…well, I was whipping out the imaginary PayPal card quicker than one could blink.

Soon I was the proud owner of two brand new, beautiful bikinis. In the following I will compare my purchase experience with both brands to maybe assist the one or the other with taking a decision.

The Order Process
For both orders I used PayPal, so the process was quick, safe and smooth.

The customer service of TRIANGL was outstanding, not only their online-chat was super friendly, but they also responded very quickly and helpful via e-mail. I was really afraid that the bikini wouldn’t be delivered in time for my holiday trip, but to my surprise the whole process was even quicker than I imagined in my best case scenario. I ordered the bikini on a Friday evening, got the shipment confirmation on the day after and got it delivered on Tuesday – so overall basically just 4 days! Isn’t that incredible? That they offered complimentary international shipping at that time was obviously the cherry on the cake!

The journey with my BRAKINIS bikini took a little longer, as I apparently chose a model which was out of stock and took two weeks to reproduce. After receiving the shipping confirmation, the parcel ended up being delivered after three weeks. So it took exactly 5 weeks from the ordering until I held it in my hands. However, this was fine for me as I already expected it to take some time to be shipped all the way from Hong Kong, plus I wasn’t under time pressure yet.

The Packaging
Both brands packaged their products securely in a sturdy cardboard box, which allowed for the bikini to lay flat and not be creased. This is very important, as once you have a fold in this neoprene material it will most likely stay!

Both parcels looked the same from the outside, each of them came in a normal brown cardboard box. However, the iconic black TRIANGL cardboard box was hidden within the parcel – so their packaging was slightly prettier. One other difference was visible in the packaging: Whereas the BRAKINIS bikini came in a soft transparent plastic back bag, the TRIANGL bikini was unfortunately not accompanied by a matching neoprene bag, but was only packed in the usual disposable plastic packaging. So all in all, this point goes to BRAKINIS.

The Bikini
The moment I spotted the beautiful TRIANGL photos on Instagram over a year ago (unfortunately only after my beach vacation last year), I was a fan of the bikini model Milly. This version consists of a top in the shape of a balconette bra and a normal shaped bottom. I find the colour combinations of the Milly model to be the most striking and stunning, which is why I choose my all-time favourite “Peach Soda” (but I bought it from BRAKINIS). When TRIANGL launched a new collection with a colour version called “Sea Spritz”, I couldn’t help but buy this as well (this time at TRIANGL). In both cases the colours are completely true to the imagery on their website, they are just as bright and powerful!

Well…comparing the BRAKINIS and the TRIANGL bikini only lets me say one thing: They feel exactly the same – at least in their dry state! The neoprene has the same thickness, the seams are finished just as neatly and the shape and size are also identical. The only difference is that the BRAKINIS model has a small plastic label on the front of the panty and the closure clasp of the top says BRAKINIS instead of TRIANGL.

The Size
Oh my, the size topic! To be honest I spent most of the time of my purchase decision cycle on this step. As I knew shipment would take long and an exchange would therefore be impossible in order to take the bikini with me to the Maldives, I wanted to be 100% sure that it fits. Therefore I watched so many videos on YouTube, scrolled through so many product reviews and chatted with the TRIANGL girls twice. After some time I had the feeling only teeny tiny girls ordered this bikini, as they were mainly talking about XS sizes… Well, being 176 cm and not size zero this was all not really helping. In the end I ordered size S for the top and size M for the bottom. There is just really nothing I hate more with bikinis than if they cut into your hips. But don’t we all? Luckily I made the right size choice, as both parts fit just perfectly. Oh boy was I happy and relieved – no bikini crash diet needed :D

The Test
During my time on the Maldives I tested these bikinis thoroughly and I can say that both bikinis survived the full exposure to the sun and sea perfectly. The colours didn’t fade, there were no water lines or any other change to the initial condition. At first I was a little skeptical about the wearing comfort, as the material is so thick. However, both felt just fine – they didn’t heat up in the sun and didn’t loosen in the water. The last point is a big plus compared to my other bikinis, which tend to become slightly wider in the water. With these two new bikinis I was able to jump and dive into the water even from boat decks without anything slipping. The single difference I could spot between both brands was only noticeable in the water. The TRIANGL one got a little softer and more comfortable in contrast to the BRAKINIS one, which’s material felt stiffer when wet (basically it felt just like when it was dry).

So all in all, there is really not a huge difference between the two. Due to the slightly better feeling in the water, I prefer the TRIANGL bikini.

Hope this helped you in choosing your bikini – because let’s be honest: there is always summer somewhere in the world :) so no excuses to not buy a bikini now!

This product review is based on my own opinion and has NOT been paid for by TRIANGL or BRAKINIS.

Blue/Turquoise bikini: TRIANGL – POPPY “Sea Spritz” (here)

Pink/Orange bikini: BRAKINIS – POPPY “Peach Soda” (Somehow their website is currently not available, so check their Instagram for inspiration: @brakinis_official)

Find more pictures on the BRAKINIS bikini in my other post: here

Oh, and in case you aren’t following me on Instagram (@akcruise) yet, @brakinis_official featured me twice on their account!

Photos by Emjo Kats

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